Encoding Services

Why is Encoding important?

Encoding is the process of converting or compressing a media file into a digital file capable of delivery over the Internet or other types of networks. Encoding for streaming makes it possible for a user to begin playing the media file as it streams rather than after it has downloaded, utilizing streaming as opposed to a progressive download. The quality of media content experienced on the Internet is directly related to the quality of the encoding services that transformed the media into playable content. Encoding is the essential process that helps you avoid the maxim "Garbage In-Garbage Out"! Instead, you will achieve "Quality In-Quality Out" and CWNet Broadcasting will help you achieve that goal.

Media files that stream from your web site have to be encoded in the correct format as a first step. While you can do this on your own using free tools from Real or Microsoft, for example, considerations such as choosing the right software, frame rate and source file are not easy tasks. If you want the highest quality results or don't have the time or inclination to do your own encoding, why not give CWNet Broadcasting the job and benefit from our expertise, experience and customized solutions?