CWNet, Inc. an Internet Company servicing thousands of satisfied customers since 1994. Today CWNet, Inc. is a leader in Internet/Television Broadcasting.

CWNet can help you broadcast your programming over the Internet, making your live, pre-recorded, or archived message available to millions worldwide.

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CWNet, Inc. will help you set up your broadcast system from the simplest telecast system to an elaborate broadcast studio setting. Cwnet, Inc. will provide the Broadcast Box that converts various forms of audio/video to Internet Television Broadcasting. CWNet, Inc. also provides the Broadcast Server / equipment that makes your programming available world wide.
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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

The Chaldeans and Assyrians of the United States of America are the descendents of the ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia and Nineveh-today’s Iraq. They are Catholics who speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus Christ. Their ancestors adapted Christianity in its early decades. See more..