Managed Server Hosting

Managed Server Hosting

CWNet Broadcasting offers a complete line of Managed Servers. Powered by Dell HP and Cisco configured with your specifications. Linux to Windows, MYSQL to SQL 2000, you can customize your server any way that you like.

Full Control We provide full root or administrator access as well as remote power control so you can manage your own server while still benefiting from our award-winning customer care services. Our technicians monitor a wide array of security mailing lists including BugTraq and Full-Disclosure 24/7 and will work with you and your technology staff to apply critical security updates to your server as soon as they are available.

Technology Platforms
At CWNet Broadcasting our highly skilled staff of technicians hold Industry Certifications from multiple vendors covering a wide array of platforms and technologies. For more information and pricing for our Managed Servers please select your operating system platform below:

Operating Systems Include:
- Redhat Linux Managed Server
- Fedora Linux Managed Server
- FreeBSD Managed Server
- Windows 2003 Managed Server

Web Server Technologies Include:
- ColdFusion MX / Flash
- J2EE JSP/Servlets
- Perl / CGI

Streaming Platforms Include:
- Windows Media
- Flash Media Server
- Apple QuickTime
- Real Networks Helix

Database Platforms Include:
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Postgres SQL
- Oracle

Complex Managed Hosting Needs

At CWNet Broadcasting we manage a wide array of Managed Hosting deployments from single Linux web servers to multiple load-balanced networks utilizing Microsoft Exchange for Email, RedHat Linux web servers and SQL Server 2000 Database servers. If your technology requires it, CWNet Broadcasting can manage it. If you require a custom quote or would like to discuss your Managed Server Hosting needs further, please let us know.