Professional Services

Adobe Flash Professional Services

CDN Integration   The Professional Services group of CWNet Broadcasting develops Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for our customers. Turn-key online media solutions engineered to your specific requirements, tailored to your website, and fully integrated onto the award winning CWNet Broadcasting CDN (Content Delivery Network) -- a certified Adobe FVSS (Flash Video Streaming Service) provider.

Adobe Flash is the world standard for rich interactive websites, advertisements, instructional media, presentations, games, and more. Web publishers depend on the ubiquitous Flash Player to ensure their content reaches the widest possible audience on both Macintosh and Windows.

Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server  has a unique combination of powerful streaming capabilities for creating and delivering interactive media applications. It offers dramatically improved performance, more secure streaming, and many live streaming enhancements.

Adobe Airis a powerful new desktop player that runs on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems, offering an exciting new way to engage viewers with innovative, custom branded desktop media applications.

Adobe Flex is a rich component library built on Flash and leveraging the ubiquitous
Flash Player runtime to provide consistant, highly interactive user interface layout and design
for online business applications.

Adobe Flash Lite is a powerful runtime engine that delivers high-impact video
and dynamic web content for portable and mobile devices.

On-Demand & 'Live' Custom Flash Players:

Playlists, Channels, Internet TV
SMH Professional Services group designs and builds custom world-class Flash FLV & MP3 players:

* Built-in bandwidth detection so you deliver the best user experience possible,
* Video streaming that starts the instant viewers click Play,
* H.264 and VP6 compatible,
* Live and On-Demand
* features and functionality to meet your specific requirements,
* rich, compelling and totally customizable interactive user experience.

In-Stream Ad Integration:
Pre-Rolls, Banners, Mid-Rolls, IAB Reporting

Our advertising technologies and services are built with the flexibility to be customized as an integrated CWNet Broadcasting CDN solution, integrated into your existing ad serving platform or work with third party ad servers.

Transcoding Package Solutions:

CWNet Broadcasting offers Transcoding solutions for video enabling content publishers to easily upload and translate user-generated content (UGC) into Flash video, the most widely available streaming media format in the world. With the Transcoding solution you can accept most digital video formats from end-users and automatically convert those files into Flash VP6 encoded video. The Transcoding solution includes an Administrative Console for reviewing and approving video content before it is published.

Client Media Players:

CWNet Broadcasting provides a range of media players for their clients use. Learn More