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Below is representative audio/video equipment that can enhance your presentation. CWNet does not sell this equipment but is presented here to give you an idea of available equipment and approximate cost. This equipment is available through a variety of vendors. CWNet can assist in making recommendations based upon your objectives and budget. Your system can be simple and cost effective or elaborate as your budget and training allow. Not all equipment is necessary to make an effective broadcast and capabilities can be added later as you get familiar with video production.

Cameras. There are a number of video and Web Cams available that will satisfy the needs of your productions. The cost of cameras can range from under $100 to thousands of dollars. Our recommendation is a good quality Camcorder. These cameras can satisfy the requirement of ‘live video’ as well as recording and editing and provide excellent video resolution.


Sony HDRCX100

1920x1080 HD Video recording
4.0 MP still image capture
8 GB embedded memory
Face Detection technology
2.7” touch panel
10x Optical/120x Digital Zoom

Sony HVR-A1E – camcorder
Professional – Mini DV (HDV)
Manufacture: Sony
Part Number: HVR-A1E

Product Description AXIS Network
Camera 211A - network camera
Device Type Network camera - fixed

Canon XL2 1/3-Inch 3-CCD Camcorder $1499

W/1-Year USA Warranty
• 8-Hour Hi-Power Lithium Rechargeable Battery
• 3 Piece Filter Kit
• Wide Angle Converter Lens
• 2x Telephoto Conversion Lens
• Lens Care & Maintenance Package
• 30-Pack MiniDV Cassettes
• MiniDV Head Cleaner
• MiniDV Cassette Rewinder
• Full Size Video Tripod with Locking Legs
• Pack Of LCD Screen Protectors
• Wireless Microphone System
• Video Light
• Firewire 4-Pin to 6-Pin DV Cable
• Deluxe Large Soft Case
• Compact Aluminum Custom-Fit Hard Case
• Introduction to your Camcorder on DVD




Editing Computer. This is a computer that is separate from the broadcast system but is
used to edit recorded material and produce a DVD for broadcasting. Most professionals use an Apple MacIntosh for this purpose, however, a windows PC can do just as well. The most important part is the software used to edit the recorded video. You should select a program that your people may already be familiar with. If this is new to your organization, software should be selected that will accomplish your production expectations and then train your personnel on the software. CWNet, Inc. will be glad to assist in selecting the editing software and to train your personnel. Cost for hardware and software: $1500.00 to $6000.00

MAC Pro G5
Starting at $4000


* 2.8GHz Quad-Core Mac Pro
* 1.82TB SATA Hard Drive
* 16x Dual-Layer SuperDrive
* ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT Graphics
* Airport Extreme, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
* Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
* Bella Keybaord for Final Cut Studio


Dell XPS 435MT
Core i&-920 2.66 GHz
512 MB ATI Radeon HD4670
16x DVD+/- RW
19-in1 Card Reader
Windows ® Vista Home Premium 64-bit
2-Year Warranty8GB Memory
24” LCD
1.0TB Hard Drive
Editing Software. It is best to chose a quality editing software from the start. Simple software will not allow you to achieve the results you desire as you become more familiar with the video editing process.
Final Cut Studio 2
Price $1,299.00
Final Cut Studio 2 is the must-have upgrade to Apple’s award-winning video and audio production suite. With six powerful applications, each designed specifically for editors, Final Cut Studio 2 puts everything you need in a single box.
  • Final Cut Pro 6 for video and film editing
  • Motion 3 for graphics and animation in 3D
  • Soundtrack Pro 2 for professional audio post-production
  • Color for professional color grading and finishing
  • Compressor 3 and DVD Studio Pro 4 for digital delivery virtually anywhere – a disc, the web, Apple TV, iPod, or cell phone

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium
Price:  $1,699.00

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium
Master the production challenges of today and tomorrow with Adobe ® Creative Suite 4 ® Production Premium software, a tightly integrated pre-and post-production toolset for Windows ® and Intel ® based Mac OS systems. Use it for video and audio editing, still and motion graphics, visual effects, and interactive media, as well as DVD, Blueray Disc, and mobile authoring.

DVD Player. DVD player is necessary to play your recorded message to the Internet. Each DVD can hold approximately 2 hours of recorded material. A standard DVD player will play one DVD. Most DVD players can be set to repeat the Disc. Multiple DVD players are available. A 5 Disc player will play 10 hours of material in sequence. A number of DVD players are available that can hold 300-400 disc and play them in sequence. Prices range from $100 for the single disc system to about $1000 for the 300 disc system. Attached are examples of these type DVD players.

Sony DVP-NC800H/b (Black)
Price: $119.99
Five disc black DVD charger
The DVPNC800H is the 5-disc DVD/CD player your home theater has been waiting for. Enjoy your DVD collection being able to be upscaled to 1080p via the HDMI connection. Plus, with BRAVIA Sync, you can easily power on and sync the inputs of compatible Sony AV devices and BRAVIA TV’s connected to this DVD player via HDMI for hassle-free enjoyment.


Sony DVP-CX995V (Black/White)
Price $309.98
400 Disc DVD Charger
The DVP-CX995v is the perfect addition to any Home Theater system. You can store your entire DVD library in this changer, as well as your CD’s and SACD’s. The 720p/1080i Upscaling video output  lets you get the most out of DVD Video technology when connected to a high-definition monitor.

Studio. The setup of a studio allows the production to be controlled and removed from such external influences as extraneous noise and lighting. Also, control of lighting and background makes your production look professional and easier to watch. Use of a Chroma-Key (green screen) allows you to make your background suitable to your presentation, add visual facts of your presentation, or just make your background visually attractive. CWNet is available to make recommendations, and / or set your studio up for professional productions.

Lights 6 “total” complete system with stands $275.00 ea X 6 = $1650.00
each light is 750 watts


Green Screen. Complete green screen with stands $350.00

Video Switches. Switches simplify the process of selecting multiple video sources for
broadcast or recording. A video switch can switch between multiple live cameras, DVD Player, or editing computer without unplugging cables.
StarTech.com's 4-Port Component Video Switch ($47.99) lets you switch between up to four A/V devices as well as the corresponding audio signals, eliminating the need to swap out cables to make use of multiple audio/video devices.
A versatile solution for home theatre applications requiring digital or analog audio connections with the use of standard and HD component devices, the 4-port Component Video switch supports display resolutions ranging from 480i to 1080i, providing the signal quality necessary to bring out the best results from your input devices.A convenient, time-saving A/V solution, the Component Video switch can be installed in minutes and offers a remote learning feature that allows you to use existing device remotes to toggle between inputs, in addition to the IR remote
control that is included with the Component switcher.

This 4 Port Component Video Switch ($165.99) offers convenient switching between Composite/HD video sources as well as the accompanying audio (S/PDIF (digital) or RCA (analog)).

The ideal choice for using multiple composite or component video sources with a single standard or high definition display, the video
switch supports common HDTV display resolutions (480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p). As an additional convenience, the Component video switch can be controlled using a serial connection, the front panel push-buttons, or the included IR Remote control.

  Video Tripod. Video tripods are important for a smooth recording of video. Video tripods differ from still camera tripods in that they have a fluid head for smooth panning and a wheel system for moving the tripod while recording.